John Farley

President | CEO

John Farley is the new President and CEO of pg-biotech. He is also co-founder and current Chief of Business Expansion at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center. John recently conceived the idea and oversaw the development of the new amazing second location for Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center in Overland Park, Kansas. John will seek new partnerships/acquisitions that have synergistic opportunities with PG biotech and PepGel. For the last four decades, John has been in the science/livestock business. John is considered an expert in all aspects of livestock health care with an emphasis on cattle. John recruits, hires, manages, and advises the scientific team on all needs required for efficient management of livestock and new technologies.

Ken Woods



“After extensive research and having stem cell therapy myself with great results, I knew I wanted to help bring this type of treatment and pain relief to others.  I am confident that pg-biotech/PepGel will help in the advancement of this technology.” We see many new worldwide markets we can now potentially serve to help people and animals better their lives.

Ken Woods is the acting Chief Financial Officer of PG biotech. Ken is also the acting CFO of Enso Discoveries and the current President and CEO of Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center. Ken has been in banking and finance most of his career and manages all of his companies’ financial assets, including the legal and fundraising side.

Patrick Farley


Pat-FarleyPat-Farley “I was simply amazed by the many successful cases I witnessed from stem cell treatment and platelet-rich plasma while working as the Vice-President of a leading stem cell company. As a successful stem cell recipient myself, I now feel incredibly blessed to be in a position to potentially help others. I am confident pg-biotech/PepGel will help advance amazing new delivery technology for a variety of medical cures.”Regenerative Medicine: “Imagine the Possibilities”

Patrick Farley has always been a go-getter and a visionary. After proudly serving four years in the United States Air Force and graduating from Arizona State University, Patrick joined Abbott Laboratories where he enjoyed a very successful time working in the Diagnostic Division.. (ABT:NYSE). Patrick was then recruited to join IDEXX Laboratories (IDXX:NASDAQ), which is today the world’s largest animal health diagnostic company. During his tenure at IDEXX, he served in many leadership capacities, including service as Director and General Manager of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, where he resided for three years. While based in Europe, Patrick led the European business unit to record growth. He also travelled to and assisted in training the team for IDEXX Asia.

Patrick later became a co-founder and the President of Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center, one of the largest and most successful standalone stem cell companies in the world today. His experience and success at Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center compelled him to establish Enso Discoveries as a way to expand beyond human stem cell therapy and provide an avenue for other valuable scientific innovations to get off the ground.

Patrick will actively seek worldwide partnerships and oversee the day to day operations of pg-biotech, as it is partners with Enso Discoveries the company he now oversees.

Xiuzhi Susan Sun, PhD,

Chief Technical Officer

Susan-SunDr. Xiuzhi (Susan) Sun is a University Distinguished Professor of Kansas State University (KSU)  and a member of the National Academy of Inventors.  Susan is the founder of the Biomaterials and Technology Lab at KSU. She has strong biomaterials research experience, specializing in protein and lipids structure and functional properties at monomers and polymers levels, as well as peptide hydrogels design and production for medical applications, bio-based adhesives, resins, and coatings for environmentally-safe materials.

Susan is the primary inventor of peptide hydrogel technologies with unique features for various life science and medical applications in the area of 3D cell culture, cell/drug/virus encapsulation, and delivery in vivo, DNA transfections, wound care, and bio-ink for 3D bio-printing. Susan has published more than 180 SCI referee articles and holds 12 patents with 6 patents pending. She has successfully commercialized some of her patented technologies.

Susan is a key founder of the PepGel LLC and PG BioTech LLC companies. Her goal is to improve human health through her novel biomaterial discoveries. Susan received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bioenvironmental Polymer Society and is a Fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Susan earned her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Illinois in Urbana.

Donghai Wang, PhD

Bioprocess Engineer

Dr. Donghai Wang is a Professor of Kansas State University (KSU), a member of National Academy of Inventors. Dr. Wang is co-director of Biomaterials and Technology Lab at KSU. Dr. Wang is engineer by training specialized on bioprocessing, biomaterials, and properties of biological materials. Dr. Wang has authored and co-authored more than 160 peer reviewed journal articles, 12 book chapters, and 3 US patents. Dr. Wang is a recipient of Rain Bird Engineering Concept of the Year Award in 2010 and 2015 and Superior Paper Award in 2011, 2013 and 2015 from American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Dr. Wang received his MS from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University at College State, TX.

Hongwang Wang, PhD


hongwangDr. Wang received his doctor degree in organic chemistry in 2009 from Kansas State University. He then worked as a research fellow focused on developing nanosensors for early cancer diagnosis, and multifunctional nanocarriers for targeting delivery of drugs to cancer.  Dr. Wang has 10 years’ experience in nanoparticle synthesis, peptide synthesis, and anticancer drug formulation on nanocarriers. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles. He has also published two book chapters, and edited a book. Dr. Wang is an inventor for 3 US patents, and 7 pending patents. He is a member of National Academy of Inventors, and a member of American Chemical Society.